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  • With the additional requirements initiated by OSHA for Silica in the granite and engineered stone, the Filter Project Clean Air Dry Dust Collection Booths will be a major advantage in removing silica dust from the air.
  • Filter Project Automatic Dry Dust Collectors vacuum air from the bottom of the unit. That means that the air flow is coming from below the knees, creating a downward pull of air.
  • The major advantage of this air flow movement is that the dust is pulled down from the work table immediately away from the face. 
  • Double filter 1st CTF 12ea filter / 2nd HEPA filter
  • Easy to operate use Display 
  • Anywhere easy install & work (portable)
  • Durable industrial caster

Flying dust collector 2170 (portable)

  • Item number  
    Products Flying dust colloctor 2170
    Power 220v 3Phase 60hz
    Motor 3.7kw (5HP)
    Air flow 1765CFM

    2451 Pa

    Size ( ft / mm)

    2.95 x 3 x 7.1


    Aspiration 3000 m3/h
    Weight 771 lb (350kg)
    Dust Effecciency 99.97%(HEPA filter)
    Noise level 80dB




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