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  • Diameter : 5", 6"  x 8mm
  • Application : Granite & Engineered stone 
  • Type: Wet / Dry
  • Arbor : 5/8"-7/8"
  • Machine : Hand grinder, Hand saw


  •  Premium high-quality diamond coating allows for smooth, close cutting with less time spent grinding
  • Produce a smooth cut with less chipping
  • Fast, smooth and clean cutting
  • Quad holes for flush cut adapters
  • Specially designed deep drop segment combined with narrow turbo teeth for fast smooth quick cutting.
  • Side segments prevent blade from binding within the stone
  • Deep drop segment provides under-cut protection for use with abrasive materials.


    Premium Narrow Segmented Turbo Blade

    • Item number Diameter Thickness
      S102N5N 5" 8mm
      S102N6N 6" 8mm
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