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  • Type :  Wet / Dry
  • Application :  Natural and Engineered Stone , Quartzite
  • Arbor : 5/8"-11T
  • Machine : Hand grinder, Hand saw



  •  Water holes between segments accommodate for center water fed grinders
  • Resin filled design allows for smoother, more consistent grinding reducing bumps & chips-
  •  Ideal for heavy stock removal and material clean up
  •  Also available in a non-resin filled design

Sink Wheel

  • Item number Diameter Description
    S305C1CN 1" Resin x Coarse
    S305M1CN 1" Resin x Medium
    S305F1CN 1" Resin x Fine
    S305C2S 2" Seg x Coarse
    S305C2CN 2" Resin x Coarse
    S305M2CN 2" Resin x Medium
    S305F2CN 2" Resin x Fine
    S305C3S 3" Seg x Coarse
    S305C3CN 3" Resin x Coarse
    S305M3CN 3" Resin x Medium
    S305F3CN 3" Resin x Fine
    S305C4S 4" Seg x Coarse
    S305C4CN 4" Resin x Coarse


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