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  • Application : Granite & Engineered stone
  • Arbor : 5/8"-11T
  • Type : Dry /Wet


  • The vacuum brazed is able to grind faster than the metal segments.
  • premium quality that can perform aggressively and low vibration

Vacuum Brazed Sink Wheel

  • Item number Diameter Description
    S306C012K 1/2" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C034K 3/4" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C058K 5/8" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C100K 1" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C112K 1-1/2" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C200K 2" 45mm x Coarse
    S306C300K 3" 45mm xCoarse


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