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 Precision cutting or elimination for concrete structures
• Dismantlement at a hospital, school, public institution, and a housing complex where severe damages are expected from pollution
• Extension or repair/maintenance of buildings at an airport where facility shutdown is not allowed
• Dismantlement and repair/maintenance at deteriorated business buildings in operation, trafc facilities in concentrated shopping district

Wire Saw

  • Item number Specification Type Use
      11ф* 40 BPM Wet Quarry
      11ф* 40 BPM Wet Concrete
      11ф* 67 BPM Mir( Dry / Wet) Soft Concrete
      11ф* 63 BPM Mir( Dry / Wet) Medium Concrete
      11ф* 59 BPM Mir( Dry / Wet) Medium Concrete
      11ф* 56 BPM Mir( Dry / Wet) Hard Concrete
    • All products are Rubber Coating
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